Redmodeled bathroom decor

Bathroom remodels among the commonest home improvement projects. In all simplicity, they are a cost-efficient and easy way to boost the appeal of your house. Save yourself some resources and time by not only getting your bathtub relined but by also adding some new bathroom products & accessories. Below are some of the simplest to install and budget-friendly accessories and tips that re-inspire spark into your otherwise outdated bathroom.




• Grab Bars

Safety around the bedroom should be a primary concern when attempting to remodel your bathroom. Grab bars both in the tub and shower are essential not just for those with limited mobility but everyone in particular. Go for a finish that matches the shower head plus other accessories in your room. Here is a very trusted white grab rail from the B&Q Store.

Bathroom safety rail

• Sink Faucet

The next logical step when redecorating your bathroom should, of course, be replacing your sink faucet. Everything need not match, but you ought to stick with an even finish, whether it is oil rubbed bronze or polished chrome for instance. Here is a very modern looking single hole bathroom faucet by Home Depot.

Bathroom faucet single hole modern

• Toilet Paper Holder

If your style revolves around clean lines, then you can go for a simple but modern toilet paper holder. There is no excuse for failing to replace your toilet paper holder considering the many simple-to-use holders available. Here is a lovely example of a shabby chic style toilet roll holder from Homes Direct 365.

Shabby chic style toilet roll holder

• Towel Bar

There are various designs and color assortments to choose from when making your decision for your towel bar. Depending on your style, you can go for a double towel bar with a shelf which will not only offer you more space but also save on your area. Here is a modern chrome plater towel bar from John Lewis.

Modern Chrome Towel Bar

• Shower Shelves

Consider going for a typical corner basket for your new shower stall to ensure your soap is not only looking fashionable but is also accessible. Or, if you are those that pamper yourself with many toiletries in your shower, you can install a two-tier shelf to accommodate your shampoos and bottles. Here is a lovely modern glass and chrome shower shelf from Next.

Glass & Chrome moderna 3 tier shower shelf





Nothing can dim the luxury spark off your otherwise luxurious looking bathroom than surfaces cluttered with personal effects or towels lying all over the place. To help you enjoy your recently redecorated bathroom space, below are some useful organizational tips. One should also clear the wall tiles of water droplets and grime using something like a squeegee. The website has put together a great review of the best shower squeegee seen below.

Shower Squeegee

Organizational caddies and baskets are your close friends. Learn to ensure your hygiene accessories are correctly placed in your decorative caddies to ease access. Whether it is your hair gel, facial moisturizer or hair sprays be sure to tuck them in a basket to facilitate easy access neatly.

Extra towels should have a designated spot or space. Numerous individuals only roll their towels when they dry and subsequently tuck them in an attractive container just beside the bathtub or shower. Go for towels that blend with your newly painted bathroom color scheme for that added spark of beauty and appeal.


In all simplicity, no one can deny that bathroom remodeling is an excellent project-not just for the high return in investment it inspires, but for ensuring that one of the most personal’ spaces in the house feels warm and welcoming. Do not let the investment you have made into remodeling go down the drains because your bathroom is disorganized and clutters.

If you are using a bathroom that feels less welcoming or does not merely please your eyes, then it is time to redecorate and what better way to do it than use the tips as outlined in this article.

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