The Lider Office Chair is by far our best-seller. Part of the reason is that it gets searched for by name often. Because of this, we’ve put up ads on Google for this term listing our competitive price.

Unfortunately, this item is so popular that the manufacturer, Zuo Modern Furniture, has found it hard to keep it in stock. For over a month, we were unable to fulfill orders for this chair because the manufacturer had none to ship. Those were some difficult times. Live by the chair, die by the chair.

Fortunately for us and for the many people interested in purchasing this chair, it is now back in stock and shipping in 48-72 hours.

We have since expanded our selection of products and are getting more site visits for various other products, namely our modern furniture products. Hopefully, ZuoMod has plenty of stock of the Lider Chair. But even if it goes out of stock, there’s plenty of other furniture to check out.

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