There are thousands of furniture stores on the internet. We know. We’ve partnered with dozens of them. But like with every other retail store on the internet (whether it be furniture retail or otherwise), there is the inherent problem of trust, or the lack thereof.

The problem is further complicated by niche internet retail. Do a Google search for any single article of furniture imaginable and you will likely find a web site dedicated to that article. For example,

  • Bar Stools
  • Coffee Tables
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Office Chairs

You’ll notice that the the number one result for each of the searches is a specialized, niche furniture retailer. This is a brilliant search marketing tactic, but it makes it more difficult for shoppers looking to buy multiple pieces of furniture. If I had to buy each of the above articles of furniture, I may end up purchasing from 4 different web sites, thereby providing my credit card information to 4 separate retailers.

That’s why we at Prime Furniture Source have decided to build an all-in-one furniture retail store. Although we focus on modern furniture and decor (hey, we’re not stupid — we did say niche furniture sites were brilliant), we feature all kinds of furniture, from bar stools, to beds, chairs, computer desks, leather furniture, home office furniture, couches and sofas, and more.

Which system do you prefer? Niche furniture stores or the furniture mall model?

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